As a Catholic health ministry, we are called to be leaders in well-being – to embody well-being as individuals, to promote well-being among our colleagues and patients and to advocate for well-being in our communities. Together, we represent more than 700,000 associates united by the healing ministry of Jesus in the tradition of our founders and we are called to promote human flourishing. Let us live well the lives we have been given by making well-being a priority for ourselves and those we lead and serve.


Renew: Rhythms for Well-being

What we do with the hours we have been given – how we think and make meaning, with whom we connect, and where we engage – all add up to what we call our life. When we intentionally seek a flourishing life, we can be a spring of life for others.

Together, let us live well the lives we have been given!
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External Resources

CHA is pleased to share a curated set of tools for stress and building resiliency as well as well-being programs.